Our Story

About us...

After being in the hospitality/event business for over 35 years, Manjit’s has teamed up with Manjot in providing dishes, cooked by our professional chefs, to let you enjoy our meals at the comfort of your home.

Background of Heat & Eat

Manjot’s Heat & Eat meals born in the first Covid – lockdown, is our desire to create delicious, high quality, nutritious meals, with Manjit’s restaurant style meals created with locally sourced fresh ingredients, and our talented chefs. Manjot’s heat and eat meals are 100% healthy and contain NO Processed ingredients (please check the ingredients section on the package for more information). Manjot’s heat and eat DOES NOT offer frozen meals; our meals are cooked fresh to order and sealed and packed ready to be delivered to your nearest fuel station or Grocery store (Check out our locations to find your nearest shop; keep checking out as new locations get added)

Home cooking? What’s that?

We know the struggles of thinking everyday, the most important question… What should we have for lunch/dinner? We know many people would rather stay home and be in their comfort zone, with comfy pyjamas on and chilling with Netflix, and we 100% agree with that fact. Especially with busy lifestyles and hectic schedules increasing daily, we want to help make your schedules a little less hectic. This is where the ready meal market comes into play.